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Mike Joyce – Lead guitar and  vocals
Mike’s big brother became the lead singer in a local pop group during the ‘beat-boom’ of the early sixties and when a neighbour cleared out her attic and found an old guitar at the back of it, she instantly thought that Mike should be the recipient so that he could join his brother, however, that was not to be.  Mike’s first band was actually formed with his art teacher whilst he was still at school.  Nowadays, Mike is happy to take life at a bit more leisurely pace, but a guitar is never far from reach, and there are still great musicians and upcoming bands who continue to inspire him today, including the guys in this band!  Making music is still the greatest buzz in his life (apart from the wife and kids of course!)
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Big B Mortimer – Tenor sax and vocals
Big B is the musical director of the band.  He claims that he was born playing the saxophone. and that he sold his soul to the devil in return for the ability to play a mean blues in E & A (and often by the end of night, in A&E). He has honked and screamed his rapturous solos up and down the country causing fans to faint and feign a "like". In 1967, in pursuit of his musical Elysium he once tried to fuse Rhythm and Blues with Xenakis causing a Richter 6.8 Earthquake in Milton Keynes. When not growling into his Conn he enjoys walking his whippet Wally, cataloguing his catalogue collection and waiting for Godot. 
Scott Woolfenden Keyboards, Trumpet and vocals
Scott is a northern lad having been born and raised in Lancashire, the land of dark satanic mills, flat caps and whippets and where Brass Bands are as popular as the Beatles.  He learned to play piano but as there was not much call for pianists in the local brass band, Scott learned to play the trumpet but always had a hankering to pound out those driving riffs just like Jerry Lee Lewis.  He moved to sunny Worcestershire for the love of a good woman and it was here that he met up with Steve Barnes (the band's original drummer) through a shared involvement in the local Salvation Army band and choir.  Steve suggested to Scott that he should try out for the new rock and roll band that was being formed and the rest as they say is history.  In addition to his great keyboard playing, Scott's trumpet features in several numbers to deliver a sound that is true to the  original recording.
Ron Lee – Drums and vocals
Ron was born in Birmingham and started playing drums at around 17yéa rs old  with a couple of club bands playing all the well known clubs and pubs in the region for a few years before  packing his drum kit due to impending nuptials.  However, it was not long before he couldn't  say no when an old pals drummer let him down and he turned to Ron for help and before he knew it he was back doing pubs and clubs again. and buying a new drum kit.  He claims to have never looked back since with too many bands and names to mention till he was asked to join Rock and Roll Jukebox and the rest as they say - is history.
Peter Kay – Bass guitar and backing vocals
Pete is the founder of the band which he put together in 2013.  He started playing skiffle on a tea chest bass  before getting his first electric bass guitar at the grand old age of 15.  As none of the local groups were looking for a bass player, Pete started his own in 1961 and before long was playing at all the clubs around his home city of Manchester.  Pete's band played alongside many big names of the time including the Beatles and some that are still around today like the Stones, The Who, Van Morrison and The Hollies, in fact Pete was approached to join the Hollies when they first started up, but with the arrogance of a 16 year old he told their manager that his own band was better than the Hollies (big mistake?).  Having since played all sorts of music from 1960s pop and blues to soul and even jazz, Peter decided to go back to his roots which were in the music of his childhood, 1950s rock and roll.  The result is Rock and Roll Jukebox